Endpoint Routing – .Net Core

Just wanted to share a code about endpoint routing that I was able to write after time of research.

Problem Statement:
Given a URL path of an MVC application, retrieve the route values such as area, controller, and action name.
returns {“controller”: “Home”, “action”: “Contact”, “id”:123}


public class MyRouteEndpointService
private EndpointDataSource _endpointDataSource;
public MyRouteEndpointService(EndpointDataSource endpointDataSource)
_endpointDataSource = endpointDataSource;
public (RouteValueDictionary, RouteEndpoint) GetRouteInfo(string path)
var endpoints = _endpointDataSource.Endpoints.Cast().OrderBy(c => c.Order).ToList();

RouteValueDictionary matchedRouteData = null;
RouteEndpoint matchedEndpoint = null;
foreach (var endpoint in endpoints)
var matcher = new     TemplateMatcher(TemplateParser.Parse(endpoint.RoutePattern.RawText),
new RouteValueDictionary(endpoint.RoutePattern.Defaults));
var routeData = new RouteValueDictionary();
if (matcher.TryMatch(path, routeData))
matchedEndpoint = endpoint;
matchedRouteData = routeData;
return (matchedRouteData, matchedEndpoint);



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